Save Even More on Gas!

June 12, 2013


Shell’s FRN + MasterCard – Another way to lower your fuel price

MasterCard Card-LinkingShell Fuel Rewards Network Logo
Limited-Time Offer

Now through July 31, you can link any MasterCard® card to your FRN Account and receive a one-time 5¢/gal MasterCard Card-Linking Bonus. Offer only valid for the first MasterCard card you link. If you have already linked your MasterCard card to your FRN Account, a 5¢/gal MasterCard Card-Linking Bonus will automatically be added to your FRN Account.

FRN Liminted Time Offer

This special 5¢/gal MasterCard Card-Linking Bonus expires on the last day of the month immediately following the month in which it was earned. For example, if you link your MasterCard card on June 5th, rewards will expire on July 31st.

For more information…One-time 5¢/gal MasterCard Card-Linking Bonus

Come by Park Plaza Shell today. We are the only Full Service Station in the area. Save on gas with your FRN card and Never Pay Full Price Again!