What? Are You Still Paying Full Price for Gas?

May 27, 2013


Fuel Rewards Program - save money on Shell GasYou’re in control of what you pay at the pump!

Lower the price you pay for gas, with everyday purchases.

Save on gas at Park Plaza Shell.  Earn rewards by doing things you already do every day. If you shop online, dine out, buy groceries and/or use coupons, which most of us do,  you can earn cents off per gallon to use at the pump.

It’s so easy! Just sign up for the Fuel Rewards Network™ program, it’s a free loyalty program that helps you save money at the pump.


  1. SIGN UP
    Either online at FuelRewards.com or the FRN Mobile App.
  2. SHOP
    Grocers & Retail – link your grocers rewards cards to your FRN account.Restaurants – Link your payment card to your FRN account.Shop online with over 700 merchants, i.e. Macy’s Kohl’s, Staples, Groupon, Petsmart , GameStop just to name a few. Check out other merchants at FRN Online Mall.  Over 30 e-coupons available every month.
    Insert your FRN card at the pump to redeem your rewards and pay less per gallon.

Never pay full price for gas again!  For more information and to sign up go to Fuel Rewards Network.

Come by Park Plaza Shell, is the only full service station in the area. Redeem your rewards and we’ll even pump your gas for you!

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