Full Service Gas Station Takes Care of Your Car

December 27, 2016

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Take Care of Your Car By Filling Up at a Full Service Gas Station

Full Service Gas StationIn a time not that long ago drivers were treated like guests when they had to get gas.  They’d pull into a full service gas station then sit back and relax while an attendant filled up their tank, checked their oil, made sure their tires had enough air, and washed their windshield.

If you grew up in Southern California, chances are you’ve always pumped your own gas, checked your own oil, and checked your own tires.  But how often do you still keep up with those things?  Did you know that you should be checking your car’s oil at least once a month?  Did you also know that you should be checking your car’s tire pressure once a month, too?

Can you remember the last time you actually did those things?

Many Southern Californians don’t take the time when fueling up their cars to check their oil or tire pressure.  We’re often rushing from place to place, getting gas on the way to work or picking the kids up from school.

What if you could fuel up your car and have your oil and tire pressure checked all at the same time?  And without setting foot outside of your car?

That’s where the Park Plaza Shell full service gas station comes in.

What Is a Full Service Gas Station?

A full service gas station is a gas station where an employee will pump the gas for you, plus do a few extra things.  A gas station attendant will also check the air in your tires, peek under your hood, and even wash your windshield, all while you stay in the comfort of your car.

Full service gas stations used to the rule rather than the exception until the mid 1970s when gas prices rose sharply due to an oil embargo by OPEC.  During that time many gas stations switched from offering full service to being self-serve in order to keep their gas prices down.  To consumers, the savings, and subsequent loss of services, were worth it.

Nowadays, unless you’re filling up in Oregon or New Jersey, finding a full service gas station is no easy task.  In Oregon and New Jersey it’s actually illegal for drivers to pump their own gas, but thanks to helpful tax laws the cost of gas remains relatively low.  But most other places in the country have long since traded savings for service.

Full Service Gas StationHowever, if you live in the San Pedro or Palos Verdes Peninsula area you can still bring your car over to the only full service gas station in the South Bay.  Sure the gas costs a little more per gallon than a self-serve station.  But that’s because you’re getting more than just a full tank; you’re getting those extra services taken care of so that you can drive easy knowing your tires have air, your oil levels are good, and your windshield is clean.

What you’re really getting from the Park Plaza Shell full service gas station is peace of mind.