What’s on Your Engine’s Diet?

August 5, 2014

Premium Gasoline

Does your engine’s diet consist of high quality gasoline?

Shell Fuel JourneyWhat are you feeding your car’s engine? Doesn’t it deserve the best? Many of us are keeping our cars longer, so we should treat them right. If we treat them right, they’ll treat us right, and take us to work, shopping, and those summer and winter road trips. Shell’s Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines feed your engine right.

All three grades of Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines contain Shell’s Nitrogen Enriched Cleaning System….

  • This Cleans and protects intake valves and fuel injectors from gunk.
  • No other gasoline protects better!

Shell’s V-Power Premium…

  • This removes 60% of gunk on the intake valves left behind by low-quality premium gasoline. And this starts with the first tank!
  • No other premium gasoline keeps your engine cleaner!

Different kinds of fuel can also mean varying levels of quality – much like different types of diet can have wide-ranging effects on our bodies. Using low-quality gasoline can cause gunk to form on intake valves and fuel injectors in as little as 5,000 miles. Gunk acts like a sponge, absorbing and trapping gasoline, making the combustion less efficient. Industry data shows that gunk can present potential engine performance problems, and indicates that a cleaner engine can perform as originally designed, making it more fuel efficient with lower emissions.”

Remember to pull into a Park Plaza Shell and fill up with our Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines. No other gasoline protects better and no other premium gasoline keeps your engine cleaner!

Source: Shell’s Media Release

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