Last Long Weekend of Summer

August 28, 2014


End of Summer Weekend, Labor Day

BBQ - PropaneMost kids are back in school, but there’s one more long weekend to enjoy. Time away from work and school.  Maybe spend some time grilling with friends and family, or get some things done around that house that you’ve been putting off.  Or, maybe an end of summer weekend road trip!

At least the gas prices are in your favor for a road trip! If you are heading out, be sure to travel safe. Or, be safe whatever you end up doing for your last long weekend of summer.

Here are a few Labor Day safety tips.

If you’re traveling…

  • Before you start out, make sure some knows where your going and your route.
  • Charge up your mobile phone’s battery
  • Buckle up and drive the speed limit.
  • Keep an emergency kit in the car, along with some drinks and snacks.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive and text.

If you’re grilling…

  • Keep the grill a good distance from anything flammable.
  • Keep the grill clean from grease buildup, on the grill and the underneath tray.
  • Keep kids and pets away from the grill
  • Keep the grill a good distance from anything flammable.

If you’re doing things around the house…

  • Make sure you keep your household tools well maintained.
  • A good sturdy ladder, makes things like replacing a smoke alarm battery or light bulb a lot safer.
  • Always remember common sense and the right tools make home improvement and repairs a lot safer.

Before you head out, stop by Park Plaza Shell and full up the tank. Don’t forget to use your Fuel Rewards points. Or, if your going to BBQ with friends and family, stop by and fill up that propane tank.

Park Plaza hopes that you and your family have a fun and safe “End of Summer Weekend”.

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