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Are You Earning Your Fuel Rewards?

November 13, 2015

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Redeem Fuel Rewards

Get rewarded for everyday activities like shopping, dining and traveling. Shell’s Fuel Rewards Network can help you save! Gas prices are lower, but you can save even more at the pump. If you’re already a Fuel Rewards member, you’re already saving at the pump. If you’re not a member yet, why not? Your missing out […]

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Ways to Save

November 10, 2014


Schedule Maintenance - Oil Change

Are you looking for ways to save? Well, gas prices have been dropping lately. That’s one way to save and that’s great news! We are looking for ways to save these days and paying less at the gas pump is always a plus. Other ways to save is car care. Don’t wait for things to […]

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Last Long Weekend of Summer

August 28, 2014

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BBQ - Propane

End of Summer Weekend, Labor Day Most kids are back in school, but there’s one more long weekend to enjoy. Time away from work and school.  Maybe spend some time grilling with friends and family, or get some things done around that house that you’ve been putting off.  Or, maybe an end of summer weekend […]

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Shell V-Power Gasoline and How it Works for Your Car

February 20, 2014


Full Service Gas Station

For optimum performance Shell V-Power Gasoline provides maximum protection. To understand the how and why Shell V-Power Premium Gasoline works, you need to understand how your vehicle works. Most newer vehicles have a computer-monitored engine that operates in a four-part combustion cycle: Engines “breath” and when the right mixture of air and gasoline to burn […]

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